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About us


Innovation for human and nature is in the focus of our entrepreneurial acting. Our technical solutions support the evolution – the development of life.

Focus Nature: In reference to the responsibility of our environment we develop our products and appropriate solutions in different industrial branches. Aim of all our solutions is the protection of environment and resources. Therfore we treat wastewater under consideration of energetic and self-cleaning processes – as efficient as possible.

Focus Innovation: Enhance own ideas together with research instituts and universities guaranties a continuous advancement of our efficent products with an high perfomance. Willingly we export our know how, expierience and patents to support the german technology- and know-how transfer.

Focus Quality: Ecological- and economical quality criteria and especially customers satisfaction are the principle of all our acting. Thus, we plan and produce reliable wastewater treatment plants with low maintenance requirements and a long life time. Our competent service team take care about your plants. Regular in-house qualitycontrolls and audits of certified sequences of operations are a quaranty of quality. Belonging that we are certifed according to DIN ISO 9001 also in different countries.

Focus Employees: Our employees are our most precious potential. AWAS employees benefit from regular trainings, a consensus- and performance-orientated atmosphere, an individual room of development and a long time orientated employment policy.


We offer you innovative solutions optimal designed for your individual reqiurements. Benefit from our competence and expierience made in 30 years.

Our products: We are specialised in the treatment and recycling of industrial wastewater in many areas: Separating, Treating, Cleaning, Clarifying, Constructing and special process engineering in the hydrocarbone sector – from the planing up to the constructing. AWAS developes sustainable quality products with a long life time.Our products achieve not only the legal requirements, rather more they meet with the operational and economical requirements.

Our expierience: We are looking back to excellent references in the wastewater treatment made in the last 30 years.

The powerful group of companies with fife subsidiaries in Germany, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Ukraina, Russia, Switzerland and eleven international offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Turkey, Italy, France, Greece, Kuwait, Thailand and China confirmes our succesful strategy.

Our Employees: Our engineering- and constructing work we are realising with 40 employees in the headquarters in Germany and international with about 220 employees. The dedicated specialists of the AWAS team will assist you with competent consulting and individual support.

Your advantage: The satisfaction of our customers is the essential standard. The products of the AWAS group of companies solve not only problems but rather more create new potentials:

  • reduction of costs
  • protection of resources
  • a conscious care with the most precious element of all life – water

In that responsibility we develop our products continuously – use the best available technology!