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Water recycling systems

We don’t realize that the water used for washing cars is water of the highest quality (usually it is potable water from the municipal water supply system). The waste water created during this washing enters sewage system as highly-contaminated industrial waste water. From ecological and economical point of view the use of purification system (water recycling system) that enables preliminary treatment to achieve the parameters that allow repeated use in the washing process is the most justified. This solution offers notable effects, both ecological and economic. The use of water recycling systems offers notable savings of clean water required for washing and thus minimises the waste water discharge. This allows reducing the costs associated with the water consumption and discharge of highly polluted waste water. AWAS-Systemy Sp. z o.o. manufactures treatment systems for car washes for different sizes and shapes of vehicles. They can be used in the existing as well as in new facilities. The treatment systems and washing equipment offered by us are the result of technical solutions based on long-term experience in the field of motor vehicle washes.